Press Release: British PM — companies must be vigilant and responsive to the risks of modern slavery within supply chains

6th February, London   British Prime Minister, Theresa May, addressed dignitaries at The World Economic Forum at Davos in January stating, “companies simply cannot stand by while their platforms are used to facilitate child abuse, modern slavery or the spreading of terrorist and extremist content”. Speaking on wider issues of economic importance, the PM highlights [...]

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Press Release: UK enforcement of modern slavery abuses is escalating

8 November 2017, London UK enforcement of modern slavery and human rights abuses is escalating confirms Deputy Director of Business Change at the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Mark Heath – UK’s public body that prevents workers’ exploitation in the fresh produce sector. Speaking to Front Group Ltd earlier this month in London, Mark [...]

Modern Slavery Bill 2017: Britain’s aim to retain law and order

By Jack Kelly In 2015, Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that Britain would lead the world against the “barbaric evil” of modern slavery. Yet, its disturbing rise has prompted a swift response from the UK government in the form of additional legislation - the Modern Slavery Bill 2017. As such, in preparation of the Second [...]


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