Battery & Energy Storage: enabler of change or one of the solutions?

The Flexible Energy Systems and Storage Forum will discuss policies, processes and technologies to get from the market of today to the flexible energy system of tomorrow. The question at the centre stage is whether battery and energy storage is an enabler and catalyst of such change, or is it simply one of the solutions?

Over 150 leading energy companies will share their views and practical examples on addressing flexibility needs, developing regulation, facilitating technology commercialisation, financing projects and navigating front and behind the meter battery storage markets.

Led by the key energy markets’ stakeholders, you will hear from regulators, power generation and utilities, TSOs and DSOs, energy services, aggregators, battery manufacturers and professional services firms from the UK and international markets.

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Confirmed Speakers

Julian Leslie

Head of Electricity Network Development

Patrick Erwin

Policy and Markets Director

Jeremy Harrison

Technical Head, Distributed Energy

Chris Regan

Head of Business Development & Commercial Operations

Fons Jansen

Strategic Advisor, Smart Grids

Reza Shaybani


Charles Hendry

Chairman; Minister, DECC (2010-2012)

Christiane Kuti

Director Global Infrastructure & Project Finance

Thorsten Herdan

Director General for the Policy Department

Steve Cox

Engineering and Technical Director

Jiro Kida

Special Advisor, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of Japan

Ian Cameron

Head of Innovation

Nicholas Magliocco

Head of Procurement Innovation and Storage

Mark Meyrick

Head of Smart Grids

Stephane Tetot


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“It is a good opportunity to connect and talk with a number of stakeholders, partners, contractors, suppliers and potential suppliers”

Olivier Lazare

Shell Country Chair Russia


“It has been a great forum. Having it gives a chance for the companies to present to the market place and to the media in a more dynamic way. It is very productive to have this event.”

Mark Gyetvay

CFO and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board


“Events like this are fantastic for networking and filling some of the gaps to build a complete picture for us”

Steve Wildman

Project Development Director


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